Email Marketing Automation Is a Journey, Not a Destination

A guide to getting the most out of email marketing automation

Photo by Stephen Phillips - on Unsplash

Understanding email automation

The beautiful thing about technology is how much it reduces our workload, and that goes for email marketing too.

  • When they order a candle, it will trigger an email to be sent to them in two weeks asking for feedback. If they don’t open the email, this will trigger a reminder one week later.
  • For subscribers who haven’t bought a candle in 6 months, they’ll receive an email with a 5% discount code encouraging them to buy.
  • For subscribers with 3 or more purchases, they’ll receive a one-time loyalty discount of 10%.

Planning out customer journeys

If you were planning out a real-life journey, you’d probably start with a map, right?


Email marketing is an incredibly powerful marketing tool when used effectively. It can bring you increased revenue and customer loyalty. It allows you to stay in touch with your network and keep them updated on your business news.

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